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5 questions to think about before creating a whiteboard animation video

The process of making a Whiteboard video may seem simple, but in fact, it is a complex task that requires a lot of thought. If you have never made a Whiteboard Animation video or you’re contemplating making another one, think about these following questions before taking the next step.

1. Who is your target audience?

You need to think about who you are going to target and how you will categorize them. For example, will you choose an audience based on age, geographic location, interests or by existing knowledge in your field? You also need to take into consideration whether you want to reach new or existing customers. Gaining an understanding of your target audience allows you to then decide what kind of message you want to send them.

2. What are your video goals?

You have to think about what you are looking to achieve through your video. The key is to focus your main goal on one of these categories: public relations, marketing, recruiting, teaching or publicity. Your overall goal will affect the way you approach your viewers.

3. What is your marketing promise?

Or in other words, what advantages do you have over similar companies in the market. Make a list of qualities and advantages that you have that can be utilized in your video to make your company or product stand out. You want to let your audience know that you are the best company for that specific service or product and that they need to use what you’re offering.

4. How do you want to characterize your company/product?

Using Whiteboard Animation videos, you can choose what kind of impression you would like to make towards your audience. You have the opportunity to portray your company or product as professional and authoritative, young and fresh or the most experienced in your field. Having an array of options allows you to create a unique video that will be memorable to your audience.

5. What media outlet will you use to air your video?

If you are designating your video for a specific event or media channel (conference, lecture, web, Facebook, etc.), it is important to define it in early stages. Deciding what media outlet best fits your message is important because it will affect your script and the overall length of your video. Here at White Animation, we will tailor your message and script to the specific media outlet you chose, allowing for your company to benefit from it.

Overall, creating a Whiteboard Animation is a complex process that requires a lot of thought behind it. If you had trouble answering these questions or you already know exactly what you want, let us help you! We can provide you with our assistance and the tools you need to make the best Whiteboard Animation for your company.


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