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Engaging Employee Training Courses? Yeah, That’s a Real Thing - And You Can Have One Too!

We’ve all been there. That time of the year comes where you have to go through those same old company compliance PowerPoint presentations, read the same material with the same monotones bearing text about rules and regulations. But what if we told you there was a better way of doing this? A fun and refreshing take on training videos that would keep everyone - from the HR teams to the last employee or team member - actually interested in the materials and information they need to learn.

This challenge was brought to us by a leading healthcare provider in the US, which operates hospitals and clinics across a large state, with thousands of team members, from physicians, through administration to maintenance staff. For years, the training and HR teams have been using dated PowerPoint-style compliance presentations, full text, and overflowing with static information. The problem was clear: the employees simply scroll through them to check a mark without learning anything new. But to be honest, who can blame them?

When we started working on this project, we received the existing 232(!) slides of content from 6 different courses. The task at hand: turn these hundreds of slides into six engaging and exciting videos, up to 5 minutes each. But where do we start? As always, with turning ourselves into subject matter experts. We met with different teams within the healthcare provider’s experts and learned everything there was to know about the six subjects at hand.

The next stage was to narrow down those 232 slides. What needs to stay in, and what can be cut out. This process, which required a regulatory and a creative touch, was the base for the first drafts of the scripts. After a few more meetings, and within a few weeks, we had six captivating, easy-to-follow stories to tell. Goodbye lecture, hello sneaking information inside an engaging story.

Once we had the six scripts, we could start to visualize what we wanted to show. This part, called the visual script, took careful consideration - as we wanted to make sure everyone was represented and respected. We also had to follow regulatory requirements and find the balance between creativity and accuracy. Once we got the client’s approval, we found the perfect narrator to give life to those scripts, started illustrating, and eventually moved to animation and beautiful sound design.

There’s nothing we love more than a challenge and card on the table - this one wasn’t easy, but our clients loved the result so much, they ended up overwhelmed by other teams within the organization, requesting to turn every training course into a video. Safe to say, there’s more to come.

Want to give your training courses a White Animation make-over? Contact us today!


קבלו הצעת מחיר עוד היום!

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