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How to Create a Series of Animation Videos for your Business

INSEAD, the leading worldwide business school, approached us for an animation video project, which they would use as a marketing tool for potential clients - future business students. They wanted something that would express their professionalism and expertise, but at the same time also feel fun and inviting.

In fact, they didn’t want an animation video - they wanted a series of them. INSEAD offers various study courses for different needs, and each study course was to have its own short video.

The challenge: Keeping things fresh and varied... but also unified

The client needed six videos, about 25-30 seconds each. Each video would explain a different programme, to a slightly different audience. For instance, some programmes are for young students, looking to continue their studies right after their previous degree. Other programmes are for older candidates, with several years of experience in the job market, who are looking to take their career to the next level.

In coming up with the right concept for the series, we faced a challenge: how to keep the videos varied enough, while still uniform. While the programmes are different, the overall tone and messages are shared by all six; so how do we refrain from repeating ourselves? But at the same time, how do we make sure all videos - though varied - are still cohesive as a group? How do we create videos that fit different audiences but still feel like a part of the same series?

The solution: A clear format, leaving room for variety

The solution came from our dialogue with INSEAD. In this project, the client provided the text rather than us writing the script. The six texts we received had a certain format to them: they always opened with a ‘what if’ question; then an explanation of the programmes’ benefits; and finally, a practical result which that programme promises.

Just as the scripts had a clear format and structure, so would the visual side: we created a clear structure, and each video would have its own unique images and content, within the boundaries of that structure.

Conclusion: Structures can promote creativity

First we came up with the series’ blueprint - the structure that would appear in each video: always the wide shot first, then the main scene, then the mini-scenes emerging from the circle… etc. Then all we had to do was match the details for each video. For instance, the one that’s about moving careers forward quickly could show an animation of changes over time; the one that’s about learning to understand and help people could emphasize human faces.

The final result was a one-of-a-kind series, suited to the client’s needs and taste - we even used their color palette to distinguish between the programmes - which manages to showcase the variety of programmes as a part of something bigger, the entire INSEAD brand.

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