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How to Write a Successful Script

Adventuring into the world of animations or videos for your business? The first steps are often the most important. You may have a concept for the basic plot of the video, but what about the script itself? Its okay if you’re stuck. We’re here to help. With some basic decision making along with putting yourself in the shoes of your consumer, a fantastic script is never out of reach.

How to Write a Successful Script

Just Briefly...

No script process can begin without creating a brief. Working together on a brief allows everyone involved in creating the animation or video to be on the same page and answer the most important questions to get the show on the road. It is important to focus on the ultimate topic, goals, and target audience of the video/ whiteboard animation. Make sure everyone asks lots of questions and gets lots of answers, When everyone is working in synchronicity, the process goes so much smoother. One of the key questions that needs to be included is “Why are we making this video and what do we want our viewers to understand and remember?”. Not to mention once the brief is done, an outline can be created and the ultimate process of building a script begins.

Lengthy Thinking

It is of the utter most importance to understand what the length of your animation or video will be. Understanding the complete length and timing will guide exactly how long the script needs to be. Considering what you are marketing for should help you decide this. For social media it should be shorter, whereas for a web page it could be longer. A word to remember when thinking about length is balance. There needs to be a balance of dialogue as well as time for the audience to view and infer things about the images within the video, whatever they may be. Think of the phrase “words per minute” to help structure narration within the length. To be more exact, 130 to 150 words on script equal about one minute of final animation. Remember to try to keep things to the point when script writing. Being able to give some descriptive details is good, but don’t forget that you have limited time and viewer attention spans to work with.

Taking Care of Business

A vital aspect of creating a script is that you are able to capture and portray the essence of your business throughout the entire video. You want to give people the perfect taste of what your business stands for. This includes showcasing what you as a business promise, your morals and overall values, as well as anything else that differs you from other companies. This may seem like a lot of ground to cover. Sometimes it can be helpful to consult with a professional script writer when you are stuck. However, it is super doable, and can even be done quickly.Use phrases that are short and sweet. Catchy little statements that include keywords to show your audience the most important aspects to your company are the way to go. An example of using this kind of method would be saying something along the lines of “We are dependable, family owned, and customer service available 24/7. Count on us!”. Keep it short but have enough depth.

Early Bird Gets The Worm

If your animation or video is very short (for social media, websites, etc.), it is necessary to introduce the name of your business and or product very early on in the script. Lengthy introductions can be fun, but this is not the time for them. You only have a limited window of time before your viewer decides to scroll pass and continue “gramming”. This is the time to introduce the business in the first line of the script. Make a serious and memorable statement. Grab their attention.

Once Upon A Time...

Another super impactful aspect of scriptwriting to consider is that of storytelling. When the script tells a story, the audience is fully into the topic and remains interested. Rather than just throwing facts at them, allow viewers to experience creativity and develop curiosity in your business and product. Using phrases like “For fifty years” or “In the beginning” helps give the audience a preface that this video is in fact, a story. If possible, include personal details about your company’s development and traits. Your animation or video as a whole shouldn’t just be plain information about your product. Giving your audience a “sneak peak”of your world as a business is intimate and allows them to feel included. Use these special details to help develop a great, personalized story for your audience to indulge in while still promoting your business.

Write for the Right People

Once you get down to writing, it's important to know your audience and the writing style they relate to best. Whether your company is going for a more sophisticated style or even something entirely eye-level, the writing style needs to remain consistent. Thinking from the customer’s perspective will push you to make sure that every part of the script is easy to understand. It is helpful sometimes to have individuals similar to your target audience read your script before you finalize it to make sure that it is successfully getting points across without going over peoples’ heads.

We Can Set an Example!

Still struggling? Not a problem. Just be sure to ask the animation whiteboard animation studio or video production company you are working with to give you a script example. This can be very helpful, especially for whiteboard animations to help you better lay out every part of dialogue. Sometimes things are much easier to visualize as well as organize by using a template.

It Doesn’t Always Happen Overnight

Keep in mind that script writing is a process. It doesn’t happen overnight and creative inspiration can come from anywhere. Be adamant about keeping track of every little idea that could make a better script. Don’t ignore inspiration. Editorial work will always be a little tedious but in the end, the finished product will blow you away. Put your mindset into customer-mode and write away!


קבלו הצעת מחיר עוד היום!

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