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Marketing a product that you cannot physically see or touch? Let's make is simple

Behind every product or business is a unique story that can hold incredible amounts of inspiration. Some businesses sell completely tangible products while others sell products that one cannot hold or grasp physically. It is human nature that sometimes it is difficult to visualize a product that one cannot hold physically. This is why the concept of storytelling is so important. To successfully market and explain an intangible product, creative storytelling and a unique use of wording can be key to reaching your audience.

The ability to tell stories and talk about important memories has ultimately helped represent the concepts of family, culture, and growth of humanity. Storytelling keeps the most important and special moments alive. This too can be applicable to a business. Marketing a physical product can be easy, because the physical facts about the product tell enough already. Companies with tangible products talk about the effects of their product with ease because customers can physically infer things from the product from the get go.

This however is not the case with intangibles. Intangible products require sellers to go above and beyond with description. It might be a challenge to market an intangible, but we see it as an opportunity to tell your story.

Cat Piano White Board Animation

What Does It Mean to Be “Intangible”?

The question you may be asking yourself is, “Does my product even count as intangible?”. We can help answer that for you. By definition, an intangible good is a value that can be bought, but cannot be touched. Some examples of intangible products include apps or software, financial services, education, and digital media. If you feel as if you provide a service that is not entirely tangible but your service results in physical results, you could also gain from this article.

Humanizing Your Product

A good place to start in marketing a product that cannot be physically touched is by humanizing it in order to bring it into reality. This may sound broad, but basically your goal is replacing the lack of physicality of your product with a human presence. Having employees available for online chat or a reliable customer service is vital to selling intangibles. The process is about building trust. Since customers cannot see the physical qualities of an intangible product before purchasing, they will need reassurance and detailed explanations. Also having testimonies from a varied group of past customers available to new customers is a great way to incorporate some humanity into your intangible. Relatability through personification in marketing your product will be super attractive to possible customers.

Imagery and Visualization

Being able to envision an intangible product is the most difficult aspect of deciding on purchasing for interested consumers. So how do you make this easier for them? One word.. Imagery! Paint a colorful, informative, and honest picture for your customers. This is vital for them to truly understand your product. Let’s say you are in charge of writing a pitch for your company’s websites. You guys are new to the business world as a completely online cell phone and internet provider. You do not have any physical stores, offices, etc. What is the best way to market to customers that you exist in the tangible world? Describe the effects of purchasing your internet/ cell service in full, realistic detail. This could entail something like, “Imagine, you are on a beach in the Bahamas... vibin’... no worries about changing your data plan because you can do it through the tap of your screen. Now, that’s a vibe”. Draw your future purchasers in with not only catchy phrases, but extremely descriptive and realistic scenarios. Painting the picture for your customers helps bring your product to life (you are now Dr. Frankenstien).

Piece of Mind = Piece of Cake

Let’s face it, the reason why many of your customers are interested in your intangible product or service is because they believe it will help simplify their lives. Consumers today are STRESSED. How do you market your service to them while being genuine? Give them some peace of mind. It isn’t always fun or comfortable, but sometimes putting yourself in the mind of the overwhelmed customer will help them better relate to your business and provide an extra layer of trust. First, highlight a common stressful complication they may be going through. Secondly, make sure to state that your business understands, and you can help alleviate some pain. For example, let’s say you are a service helping busy 20-40 year olds find a dog walker/ sitter online. Some reassurance could be provided by saying something along the lines of, “Have a meeting at 3 but your furry friend needs to go out and pee? It’s simple. Message a puppy sitter today”. Unfortunately, the idea of providing an easy to access service usually stems from the reality that stressful full-time working life in the modern world is super common. However, because of this, it is completely necessary that you provide relief for your clients within your business’s rhetoric.

Don’t Forget The Benefits

Another important truth to explain to your audience when marketing is recognizing the physical benefits can stem from purchasing your non-physical good or service. Although one cannot necessarily see or touch the original intangible good, the results should more than often be physically recognizable. Take for example a business that provides online video sessions with a fitness and nutrition coach, the business itself is in no way tangible. However after utilizing it, the client will physically be more fit, have better endurance, and maybe even lose weight. All physical results! This applies to many different types of businesses. Consider your intangible product and the real-life benefits that stem from purchasing it.

Animate To Bring To Life

The word relatability comes up over and over again. After reading this for a but, you now know that it is important. However important, how do you achieve it? The answer is, animation. Animation and specifically whiteboard animation clearly portrays things that sometimes words just cannot reach. By combining instruction with illustration, a broad spectrum of learners will be able to relate to your product. So where does your business start? Simple. There are tons of incredible animation companies to choose from. Do some research and see which one suits the needs of your business. Not to be biased… but White Animations has some pretty talented artists.

It’s Possible, Storytelling Time!

Marketing products that do not exist in the physical realm is not an easy task. However, there are plenty of writing and illustrating strategies that can be effectively used to tell the story of your business. Utilize these creative mechanisms to further elaborate on your company detail by detail. Being relatable and real through storytelling is completely possible.


קבלו הצעת מחיר עוד היום!

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