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whiteboard animation videos: creativity without boundaries

Being a production company who creates both live and animation videos, we want to take the time to discuss the reasons why you should choose whiteboard animation for your next marketing video. Animations and live video are both highly effective tools for promotional and explainer videos. However, Whiteboard Animations surpass live video when it comes to creativity, collaboration, revising and relatability.

Endless Possibilities

With Whiteboard Animated videos, the sky’s the limit. Whatever your imagination comes up with whether it be a cat on the moon or a man walking on water it can be created with a Whiteboard Animation. You also have full control of what you want your characters to look like, the emotions you want them to portray and the background and placement of them. It also gives you the opportunity to simplify complex messages so it’s easier for your audience to understand. Whiteboard animation videos also use visual language such as unique colors and symbols to resonate with your target audience in a way that excites them to engage in your business or product.

Expanding Horizons

While live video needs to be produced in one location with all participants involved, producing a Whiteboard Animation video allows you to collaborate with creators from around the globe. The ability to collaborate with different techniques and styles will make your video stand out amongst the rest.


Lastly, an added bonus to creating a Whiteboard Animation video is the ability to easily add and delete scenes or characters without having to reshoot the whole video. Whether you want to change a whole scene, your target audience or just update your video it’s an easy fix. Whiteboard Animation videos are also flexible they can be used internationally without having to be reshot like a live video would have to be. You can create scenes that can be accepted universally and change your voice over from one language to another to fit with your various audiences.


If you are reading this blog you’ve probably decided to produce a video and you may already know that, video marketing is on the rise with 70% of marketers saying that it is the most effective medium for communication (according to the 2017 video marketing statistics report). So if you want to take your video to the next stage, gaining creativity, versatility and endless possibilities that can make it unique, we recommend you choosing Whiteboard Animation Videos.


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