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who's behind your video?

Are you ever curious as to who is responsible for creating your Whiteboard Animation? In this post, all of the roles are going to be broken down so you have the ability to gain a better understanding of all of the key players at White Animation. All our videos are created in-house with the assistance of all team members. The team consists of a director, scriptwriter, illustrator, voice-over artist, animator and sound designer. Each role will be discussed in the order in which they appear in the production process. Having an incredibly talented group of in-house artists allows us to produce unique and memorable videos unlike anything else for our clients.

The Director

Oversees the production of the video in its entirety. From the script to the final video edits, your ideas are taken and used to guide the team in the right direction to ensure your vision remains present throughout each and every step of the process. The director will also review each team member’s work and give suggestions and edits. Ultimately, the director is the liaison between you and our team.

The Scriptwriter

Takes your ideas and turns them into an appealing script. The scriptwriter addresses your key messages and call to action in a short time frame while grabbing the attention of your audience in a creative way. The scriptwriter also has the ability to adjust their writing style according to your needs; they can make the script funny, authoritative, explanatory, etc.

The Illustrator

Creates unique visuals that are compatible with the script and fit with your company/products desired needs. Providing you with multiple sketches all drawn in various styles, you will have the ability to choose which one you think is the best fit for your video. We guarantee that all of your images will be unique and individualized for your specific video.

The Voice-Over Artist

Is the voice of the story you are depicting. By reading the script into a microphone, they use their voice to engage viewers. A voice-over artist is essential because ultimately they are the ones emphasizing your key message and call to action. Here at White Animation, we work with several voice-over artists in a variety of different languages. Multiple voice-over samples will be provided to you in order for you to decide which one is the best fit.

The Animator

Takes the finalized still illustrations and brings them to life. By animating them live and digitally, the video instantly becomes more appealing and eye-catching to viewers. After this process is completed, the finalized voice-over is mixed together with the animations.

The Sound Designer

Is the last piece of our puzzle. They will finalize your video by adding additional sound elements, such as sound effects and music, and blend them together to enrich your video and attract a broader audience.

We work together as a team here at White Animation to create the best videos for our clients. Each team member has an essential role in the production of our videos which is why our videos are unique and memorable every time. Now that you have a little insight into our team and what goes into the creation of our videos, it’s time to let us create your next Whiteboard Animation!


קבלו הצעת מחיר עוד היום!

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